The Devil on Wheels

A documentary exploring the cult phenomenon of Spielberg's 1971 made for TV movie that gripped American audiences as they experienced the terror of a motorist being stalked by an imposing and mysterious truck.

Designing early concept work to help with development stage marketing, my research yielded some interesting results with a logotype sourced from original posters and a bold logo to boost recognition.

Devil on Wheels Logo Concept Devil on Wheels Logotype Concept
dow media logo and brand

Two concept poster ideas explored different potential demographics. The first using a graphical style of 70's pulp posters and the second more modern hinting at the road movie nature of the documentary.

Although only the tag line 'Fans are the Driving Force' was kept, the work allowed the team to define the style they wanted. Currently the film is attracting attention from industry figures and should shoot in 2014.