Oodle Media

Topher McGrillis is a bright, friendly and charismatic photographer from the North East of England. Building on his success we created a new brand for an ideas based, 360 creative service.

The brand needed to be clean, modern and very flexible, extending to a variety of colour schemes and situations.

Oodle Media Logo Oodle Media Logotype
oodle media logo and brand

Company media was clean, clean and friendly with a different colour for each member of the team.

Oodle Media Logo Oodle Media Logotype

To kickoff the oodle media brand, the website was designed as a fullscreen concept, with each screen having a playful, interactive element.

We worked hard to find new ways to engage the viewer and introduce the companys unique selling point. It also had to interest potential clients whilst a broader portfolio is being built.

The addition of a simple style guide gave the client the information needed to produce their own media and elements, freeing them up to move quickly whilst maintaing the brands integrity.