Reg Gadney

A portrait artist with an energetic, expressive style and a subject list of notable personalities, Reg has enjoyed a diverse career including NATO instructor in Winter Warfare, writer and tutor at the Royal College of Art.

Working closely with the artist at his studio in central London, the project involved comprehensive fine art photography, invite design and a minimal website to display new works from an upcoming exhibition.

The exhibition invites, featuring a reproduction of Helena Bonham Carter, were the most important aspect and a great deal of care and time was spent getting them just right with printers Solways.

Handwritten envelopes gave each invite a personal touch.

Documenting the oil paintings was the most challenging aspect. Framed behind glass meant polarised light and filters were needed and we couldn't move them to a studio, so controlling light was difficult.

Hanging and photographing 45 paintings is time consuming enough, but there were new additions, changes to the paintings and the frames. This meant there were around 3 re-shoots.

Following this was a critical lighting and colour process, cropping, retouching and resizing to make the best match possible for the website, which was kept as clean and minimal as possible.

Overall, the project was one of the most interesting and rewarding I've experienced. Reg is a real character, gentleman and good friend.